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Dragee "A trutnevy milk
  • Dragee "A trutnevy milk

Dragee "A trutnevy milk

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Dragee "A trutnevy milk"

The milk trutnevy in the form of a dragee allows to keep even better all useful properties and biological value of a product, prolongs a period of storage even at the increased humidity.

First of all the product is useful to the correct metabolism, food of fabrics and bodies of men. Promotes decrease in the increased arterial pressure due to regulation of a tone of blood vessels and level of blood circulation, and also decrease in level of cholesterol in blood.

"The trutnevy milk" raises sexual desire and physical working capacity. This product can be the main addition in a nutritious diet of men who always want to be in shape!

Besides, the regular use of a product can prevent development of undesirable diseases – prostatitis, adenoma of a prostate gland and, as a result, decrease in sexual functions. 

The product "A trutnevy milk" from the Tentorium company is the modern, qualitatively processed and absolutely safe food product for broad consumption.

According to an information system of IBRA library (Great Britain), trutnevo-bee gomogenat appreciated in many countries of the world long ago. Especially we esteem it in Japan, China, Kenya, Romania. In many respects this results from the fact that this product for 50% consists of the same components, as Royal jelly – a uterine milk. But other 50% of natural substances have absolutely unique properties and give to a ready-made product unique qualities.


  • Rasplod is trutnevy, lactose, glucose 
  • Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc. 
  • Vitamins: beta carotene, xanthophyll, nicotinic acid, is well-cared, vitamin A.
  • Food tsennost:100g a product of proteins - 1,3g, fats - 0,6g, carbohydrates 95 of.
  • Power value - 400,4 kcal.

It is recommended at:

  • stresses;
  • violations of cardiovascular system;
  • violations of sexual functions (including at prostatitis and adenoma of a prostate gland);
  • metabolic disorders and food of fabrics;
  • hypofunctions of a thyroid gland;
  • restoration after physical activities and accumulation of muscle bulk at athletes.


To accept in the morning and in the afternoon on 1 teaspoon in 30 minutes prior to food. 


It is not recommended at individual intolerance of products of beekeeping.

Information is up-to-date: 25.10.2018
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