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Apitok (300 g)
  • Apitok (300 g)

Apitok (300 g)

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Honey composition of "APITOK"


the high-quality Parma natural honey, uterine milk, PEGUS-komponent from propolis.

This combined product united powerful metabolic and antioxidant properties of a uterine milk with the immunostimulating effect of propolis.

Has the following properties:

  • has natural antimicrobic, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity;
  • increases natural protective forces of an organism, strengthens immune system;
  • promotes removal from an organism of toxins and poisons, and also heavy metals and free radicals;
  • strengthens protection of an organism against a radiation background and free radionuclides, reduces harmful consequences of radiation exposure;
  • normalizes and intensifies exchange processes in fabrics, improves their food;
  • normalizes activity cardiovascular, systems;
  • improves vegetososudisty regulation;
  • normalizes the level of arterial pressure;
  • reduces cholesterol level in blood;
  • stimulates blood formation function;
  • reduces viscosity of blood;
  • improves functions of digestive tract;
  • restores and strengthens nervous system;
  • improves sight and hearing;
  • promotes acceleration of regeneration of fabrics;
  • has magnificent gerontological effect;
  • improves intellectual and physical working capacity.


  • for increase in natural protective forces of an organism;
  • for prevention and at treatment of cardiovascular diseases (a stroke, stenocardia, infarktny states, arrhythmias);
  • at gastritises, stomach ulcer and a duodenum and other diseases of digestive tract (in a complex);
  • at hepatitises of various origin, cirrhosis;
  • at treatment of infectious diseases of kidneys (in a complex);
  • for prevention and at treatment of diseases of the top airways and lungs, tuberculosis;
  • at pregnancy for the best development of a fruit, prevention of a hypoxia of a fruit, prevention of placentary insufficiency, prevention of a growth inhibition;
  • before childbirth for improvement of resistance of tissues of brain of a fruit to a hypoxia, preparation of muscles of a uterus and a neck of a uterus due to improvement of consumption of oxygen and restoration of power expenses;
  • for strengthening and improvement of growth of the premature or lagging behind on weight children;
  • at violation of menstrual function, insufficient function of ovaries, infertility, a climacteric syndrome;
  • at neurotic other polyarthritises;
  • at polyneuritis, an inflammation of trigeminal, facial nerves;
  • at decrease in sight, hearing, memory;
  • at glaucoma, a cataract, a burn and a trauma of a cornea of an eye;
  • for acceleration of healing of burns and wounds;
  • at a hair loss, focal baldness;
  • at oncological diseases (in a complex with a dragee "Ekst-ra-Befungin");
  • at influence toxic and chemical, substances;
  • at radiation injuries;
  • for restoration of an organism in time and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, after prolonged use of strong medicines (antibiotics);
  • at physical and mental reexhaustions, stresses.

Method of application:

on 1/3-1/2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food in the first half of day under language before full dissolution. To children - on 1/4 teaspoons 1-2 times a day.


it is not recommended at individual intolerance of products of beekeeping.

Information is up-to-date: 25.10.2018
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