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Api-krem Anti-sclerous (50 g)
  • Api-krem Anti-sclerous (50 g)

Api-krem Anti-sclerous (50 g)

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Api-krem Anti-sclerous


vegetable oil, the water distilled beeswax, a bee obnozhka, high-quality honey, propolis extract, bee tincture.

Anti-sclerous api-cream - means unique, available to everyone for the prevention of the vascular diseases of a brain which are one of the population leading causes of death around the world.

Has the following properties:

  • renders the natural natural anti-sclerous, biostimulating and soothing action;
  • interferes with adjournment of lipids on walls of vessels of a brain;
  • has anti-spastic effect;
  • promotes improvement of blood circulation and microblood circulation in fabrics and bodies;
  • renders the toning effect;
  • prevents risk of emergence vegetososud isty dystonia;
  • reduces pain in muscles at overfatigue.


  • for prevention and at treatment of atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain;
  • at various vascular diseases, blood supply violations;
  • at heart attacks, strokes, in postinfarction, postinsultny states;
  • at stenokardichesky pains to rassosat cream in volume of a match head under language, to do massage with cream of biologically active point on a breast (2,5 cm from a xiphoidal shoot);
  • at a hypertension;
  • with the increased intra cranial pressure;
  • at migraines, headaches and dizzinesses - to rub cream to temporal, occipital, zaushny areas the slow and deep movements within 10-15 minutes;
  • at neurocirculator dystonia, vegetososudisty dystonia;
  • after meningitis, encephalitis, craniocereberal injuries, damages of a brain;
  • at encephalopathies;
  • at the reduced intellectual and physical development of children;
  • for removal of an attack of bronchial asthma to rassosat cream under language, to do massage of a breast;
  • at neuritis of acoustical, trigeminal and visual nerves to apply cream on biologically active points;
  • for memory improvement to rassosat cream under language, to combine with dot to massages of the center of a palm (the center of memory);
  • for improvement of hearing to do acupressure with cream about an ear lobe behind an auricle and on the contrary mastoidal shoot (on the average line), turundochka in ears;
  • for sight improvement - acupressure with cream - whisky, tochk under a knee joint, the beginning, the middle and the end of an eyebrow;
  • at medical massage or in the form of applications at osteochondroses, radiculitises, arthroses, arthritises, polyarthritises, muscular pains (mialgiya), intercostal neuralgia;
  • for improvement of mobility of joints;
  • at bruises bruises, sports injuries;
  • at trophic ulcers, cracks of integuments;
  • at a varicosity, thrombophlebitises, the obliterating endarterit or sclerous defeats of vessels of the lower extremities to impose cream in the form of applications without massage (from a heel from below up);
  • at painful monthly, gynecologic diseases to apply cream on a sacrum and a bottom of a stomach;
  • at a climax to apply cream on whisky, a point of the third eye, between average and index fingers, under knees;
  • at prostatitis and adenoma of a prostate to apply cream on a sacrum.

Method of application:

1-3 g (on a finger-tip) rub cream roundabouts in biologically active zones within 1-1,5 minutes clockwise 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. On a course - 24-28 procedures. For effective prevention of a stroke the course is recommended to carry out at least 4 times a year.


it is not recommended at individual intolerance of products of beekeeping.

Information is up-to-date: 25.10.2018
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